Tuesday, October 1, 2013

at the goat farm

{I would write a lot more, but honestly, sleep for mama doesn’t seem to be in ready supply, so I’ll let the pictures talk for me…zzzz….}

We are members of a newly-formed 4-H club, a livestock club.  It’s cool that most of the members are homeschoolers :) 

A couple weeks ago, we all rolled out to the Curtin's to see their goats and learn a bit about how their goat farm/goat cheese operation works.  Mr. and Mrs. Curtin make several cheeses, which they sell at our local “farmer’s market.”  I say “farmer’s market” because he and perhaps two other venders are actual FARMERS.  The rest get their produce from I’m-not-sure-where and just sell it at the market.  Oh, for the days of folks selling their homegrown, home-baked, homemade goods off the back of their trucks, like back in Stanly County! (to be fair, Mrs. Peters also sells their canned and baked goods, which is delicious!)

Anyhoo, on with the snaps, and mind the bug-eyes on mama!

DSC_0212DSC_0209DSC_0211DSC_0231DSC_0232DSC_0220DSC_0221DSC_0239DSC_0241DSC_0246DSC_0251I had to add these last two.  In the shot above, my best friend’s daughter proves that she is frequently photographed.  Lecia and I had a good laugh about that.  She’s a doll, though, isn’t she? 
And then there’s the one below.  The children are in this for-kids-only (get it?) game of tag, and while that back set is plotting against JC, you can see Lecia’s girl (in blue) and AM ready to run!  AM is about to jet!  I love it!DSC_0254

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

the real first day - 27 august

DSC_0137(HR finally finished his name, but Mama hasn’t snapped that picture yet…)
DSC_0142(SA is still working on her name…)


start the day with previewing the feast of ideas that you will feed upon this year – making name posters (of sorts) – poetry, folksong, composer, artist – nature study – mess left over from child-made lunch – poetry tea to end the “day”

(and then all craziness broke loose on the calendar!)

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